Monday, September 2, 2013

Three Out of Four

Three out of four ain't bad!  I have (some) of my books (and will be getting more of them later in the week),
I will soon have time to read again (when the boy returns to school in a week).  I have a few friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin.  I just have to work on that last one.  That's the tough one.  The one I put off, the one I avoid.  Why?  Do I really want to be alone forever?  Do I really want to reach the end of my days and never have given away the love in my heart?  I don't know why I hold back.  It may be because I have high standards, after all, I seek someone kind and generous and brave.  Those are not qualities that society rewards.  It may be because I think I will never find anyone who could possibly tolerate my eccentricities.  It very well could be because I never leave the goddamn house :)

Sylvia Browne the psychic says that when we incarnate we choose two Life Themes - a Primary and a Secondary.  My primary life theme is that of a Catalyst.  She describes someone who functions as a Catalyst as "These are society's "spurs" who are here to inspire, mobilize and make things happen.  They're the first in the group to say, "Let's stop talking about it and just do it," and they especially excel under stress. Their biggest hurdle is trying to feel at peace without a project to take on and accomplish".  That about sums it up for me.  This is my purpose in life.  How I choose to define and act that out are reflected in my goals.

We also choose a secondary Life Theme.  This is the major conflict that we each have to overcome during our lifetime here.  The choices are health, spirituality, love, social life, finances, career and family.  When I look at that list I see moderate to stupendous success in all of the areas but one.  Love.  Love eludes me.  I am at a place in my life now where I feel I would like to be challenged BY love instead of being challenged by a LACK of love.  I guess we will see how things play out.  I have tossed it out there to the Universe and undoubtedly things are happening in the wings, no matter how lonely it still looks to be the only one on the stage that is my life at the moment. If something happens, great.  If not, I am no worse off than I am right now.  Right?  Right?!  I guess that's why it is called a challenge and a conflict.  Something we have to work at.  

In the meantime, I highly recommend the book "Life On the Other Side" by Sylvia Browne, if you are at all inclined to pick up her book without prejudice.  Some of my readers will be horrified that I read a psychic's work.  I, however, prefer to think of it as finding truth wherever it is hiding.  I would suggest that we do not judge a book by it's cover :D