Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WTH is an INFJ?

You are asking yourself - what's up with the acronyms?  WTH is obvious.  INFJ is less so.  It stands for one of 16 personality types based on Jungian theory and postulated by a mother-daughter team of Myers and Myers-Briggs (can't remember their first names off the top of my head, and my computer is acting very strange so I dare not open more tabs).  *I*ntrovert, i*N*tuition, *F*eeling and *J*udging.  I gain energy through time alone, I use my intuition to interpret the world around me, I make decisions based more on feeling than on thinking, and I like things orderly and close-ended vs open-ended and flexible.

I am an INFJ.

It also means I have the overriding goals of saving the world and becoming a better person - can you imagine two more impossible goals?  No matter what I do, I am doomed to failure and yet I absolutely MUST pursue these ends.  It's in my very nature to live an authentic life to the best of my ability, to live my life according to my very strong value system, and to make the world a better place.

Today I feel like I am failing.