Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Gardening

I got motivated today.  I cleaned up the six 5-gallon buckets I grew garlic in this past year, put in new soil and compost and re-planted new types of garlic.  Actually, two are types I planted last fall.  One had a dozen loose cloves and one had very tight cloves.  Unfortunately, I lost the stupid piece of paper where I wrote down what types were growing in which container.  So, I have no idea what these two types actually are - they grew best of the six types I planted (though I suspect one is Killarney Red).  The others didn't do as well, and we are eating them instead of planting them.  The other two types I am growing are garlic from Champoeg (, and another locally grown type called Keith's Purple from Nettle's Edge Farm here in Eugene.  The one from Champoeg is a smaller garlic, hardneck, with white wrappers.  The Keith's Purple is a truly stunning garlic - it has beautiful purple wrappers and it's huge.  I look forward to seeing how these grow.  Someday if I ever get my own place, I hope to grow a dozen types of garlic for the farmers market and local grocery stores.

 I still have to get to the 12 x 12 garden bed and remove the old chard and cilantro.  I also will pull up the potatoes soon and see how it went.  I planted La Ratte fingerlings and Yukon Gold's.  

I have three other projects.  I have a rolling compost bin and I think I've found a source for horse manure to add to the bin, plus I'd like to add it to my second currently fallow 12 x 12 bed and sheet mulch it for next year.  The last project is to build some cold frames out front of my neighbor's apartment facing the south parking lot.  I am planning on using urbanite (recycled broken up sidewalk pieces) and re-purposed window frames.  I am hoping to keep growing Giant Winter Spinach, Vulcan Chard and White Russian Kale.  I may also try to grow some winter lettuce, but I may be out of room.   As I've never done this before, it will be an experiment

(P.S. These pictures are not mine, I am borrowing them. Wish they were mine, but I forgot to take pix before I replanted/planted all the garlic!)