Saturday, August 31, 2013

Non-perishable Food List

Here's a list of non-perishable and shelf-stable foods.  They may not be the tastiest or the most healthy, but they will get you through a tough time.

List of Non-Perishable Foods
(Some of this may not be terribly appetizing but it will get you through an emergency; plan meals for 1 – 3 months, for at least three people more than are in your family, just in case you have refugees)

Keep these things on hand in bulk (maybe even in their own box/area – and rotate so everything stays fresh) – Oatmeal, instant oatmeal, crackers, dry cereal, bread sticks, pancake mix, biscuit mix, Pop-Tarts, maple syrup, honey, powdered eggs, powdered milk, drink mixes, Emergen-C drink mix, protein drink mixes, malted milk mixes, infant formula, shelf-stable boxed drinks and milk/soy/almond/rice milk, cocoa/hot chocolate, tea, coffee, instant coffee, sugar/brown sugar/sweeteners, salt & pepper, canning salt, peanut butter, Nutella, almond butters, jellies and jams in small containers, hulled sunflower seeds, nuts of all kinds, Mainstay calorie bars (buy online), Spam, tuna fish, canned chicken/beef/ham/fish, jerky, summer sausage, salami, corned beef, Velveeta, Hickory Farms shelf stable cheeses, canned vegetables and fruits (beans/tomatoes/fruit/green vegetables especially), dehydrated fruits, raisins, flour and baking essentials (baking powder, yeast and baking soda), canned meals (chili, soup, stew, Speghettios etc), salsa, sauerkraut, pickles, olives, pesto, dried tomatoes, lemon juice, instant rice, regular rice, Cream of Wheat/Rice cereals, cous cous, pasta, desserts (cookies/pie filling etc), butter, cooking oil (very important!), vinegars, olive oil, lard, Crisco, seasonings, dry herbs, bouillon cubes and powders, dry sauce mixes, instant potatoes, dry soup mixes, dried peas/beans/lentils/legumes (but they require lots of cooking and water), freeze dried meals and foods, hard candies, granola, protein bars, and don’t forget a nice hidden stash of chocolate.

Stock up on basics like potatoes, apples, breads of various sorts (sandwich breads, tortillas, bagels), fresh fruit, oranges, bananas – basically, any food that sit on your counter top or in your pantry without refrigeration

Wild foods – dandelions, chickweed, plantain (KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, don’t guess), know where food grows in your immediate neighborhood – fruit trees, community gardens etc.

Created foods – learn the quick way to make cheese with lemon juice and milk; sauerkraut with cabbage and canning salt, how to make applesauce, how to bake bread/tortillas/flat breads from scratch

Learn to can and dehydrate and have all the tools you need, learn to make a solar oven and a solar food dehydrator (and have the supplies on hand, labeled), learn how to crock pickle.  Learn to cook on a Dakota hole and in a pit (and have what tools you need to do so); learn how to make a rocket stove with 16 bricks.  Have bread recipes and other recipes on hand.  Have books on hand to teach/remind you.

If you have no desire to learn homesteading skills, make friends with someone who does and trade goods for food if necessary.  Stock essential supplies to trade for goods – canning lids, matches, canning salt, recipes, charcoal, firewood, aluminum foil, fishing gear, ammunition, OTC meds, open pollinated seeds, antibiotic first aid cream etc.

Don’t forget vitamins and supplementations and extra pet food.  Know where grocery stores and restaurants are within walking distance.  Get either water barrels for your down spouts, or fill Aquatainers – one per person minimum (7-day minimum).  Know where the nearest water source is – and have a plan to transport water – containers, wagon, bike etc.  I would also suggest looking into storing food in 5-gallon buckets with Mylar bags and Gamma lids, and canning jars, to keep your supplies fresh and safe from bugs and vermin for long term storage. 

Having even some of these things - basic water, food and sanitation supplies - will help immensely in an emergency.  Please be prepared.  No one is going to take care of you in an emergency, except yourself.  And don't expect your prepared neighbors and friends to save your butt when you refuse to do anything to save it yourself!  They will have their own worries.  Good luck, all!

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