Saturday, August 31, 2013

Systems Supplementation Emergency Preparedness

Here is the more extensive emergency preparedness lists for your consideration:

3 Month Supply List

(Water and weapons are always first priority in any emergency situation – without water you die in 3 days.  Without weapons you are defenseless and cannot keep what you have.  In an extreme situation, survival is about planning, supplies and luck/good fortune).

Water – backpacking water filter, tabletop water filter, straw filter, water bottle filter, UV light filter, water purification tablets, bleach & droppers (and instructions on how to use it)

Security – neighborhood watch, paying attention, weapons, guns, dogs (and dog food), landscaping

Light - candles/matches/lighters, emergency candles, Catholic/Israeli votive long burning candles, fire extinguisher, flashlights/batteries/head lamps, oil lamps, solar lights, solar path lights and extra batteries, camping lanterns

Heat - warm fleece/wool/silk clothing (not cotton!), appropriate outerwear and footwear for your climate, 0 degree rated sleeping bags, hats of all sorts including sleeping hats, lap blankets, Lil' Buddy Propane heaters and fuel, wood stove and firewood (PS your fireplace will NOT keep you warm in an emergency)

Cooling – hats with brims, battery powered fans, bandanas with cooling beads, first aid supply ice packs

Food - at least a months’ supply of non-perishable food for whomever is in your household plus 3 for safety * (preferably 3 – 12 months worth), local sources of fresh food, gardens, orchards/micro-orchards

Shelter - tents/ground cloths/extra stakes, tarps, rope (what happens if your friends who planned for nothing showed up on your doorstep?  A tent could house them).

Cooking - small camp stove with extra fuel, BBQ/grill with extra charcoal, small diameter firewood, firewood and a rocket stove made of bricks, matches/lighters, wood stove and firewood

Sanitation - extra toilet paper, hand sanitizer, diaper wipes, solar camping showers, clean gallon water containers/matte black paint (to set in the sun and warm up full of water), garden watering cans, dry shampoo, hand soap, bar soap/shampoo/laundry soap/line/clothes pins, wash boards – glass is best, quality buckets (look at a livestock-feed store), extra dish soap, feminine supplies & cloth pads, at least three days worth of cloth diapers and covers if you have infants plus a separate bucket to wash them in 

Health - first aid kits, OTC medications, pain medications (Tylenol, Advil etc), extra prescription medications and glasses, bee sting kits, epi pens for allergies, asthma medications, CPR & First Aid Certification, toothbrushes and toothpaste

Entertainment – board games, card games, puzzles, books of all sorts, musical instruments, homeschooling workbooks, CD players, DVD players that plug into a vehicle battery and adapter, toys

Transportation - a bicycle in good working order/extra parts/tools, car gassed up at least half full at all times and in proper working order, a Bug Out Bag, maps, exit routes and back up plans, pet transportation cages & vaccination records

Communications - radio with extra batteries, car battery charger for cell phones, written out lists of important telephone numbers

Miscellaneous - extra diapers/formula/baby food for infants if you have one or neighbors/friends who do, Pedialyte or oral rehydration fluids, extra supplies if you have elders, extra supplies if you have special needs in your household; work gloves, basic tools (hammer/nails, screwdrivers, wrenches, utility shut off tools, copies of important documents and identification, cash on hand, memory sticks with important data and documentations, extra pet foods and medications

I will post a list of non-perishable food in a moment.