Thursday, January 2, 2014

What the DS9 Cast Did In 2013

I got a wild hair up my ass on December 31st and decided to do a recap of what each Star Trek cast member did in the year 2013 (to the best of my knowledge and ability to research).  That's dozens of interesting people, folks!  It was either a labor of love or insanity (but isn't that the same frequently?).  Enjoy!

I started with the Deep Space Nine cast, since I worked on that show.  Happy reading!  You will have to follow the links but here is how  that worked out:

Avery Brooks -

Sid aka Alexander Siddig -

Nana Visitor -

Rene Auberjonois -

Colm Meaney -

Max Grodenchik -

Cirroc Lofton -

Nicole De Boer -

Andy Robinson -

Aron Eisenberg -

Chase Masterson -

Terry Farrell -

Armin Shimerman -