Friday, January 10, 2014

What Bruce Greenwood Did in 2013

Next up is the wonderful Bruce Greenwood, who played Captain Christopher Pike (and I usually accidentally write "Pine" and have to correct it; what an odd coincidence of casting to have two names so similar).  All mistakes and omissions are mine and the photos are not.

In 2013, Bruce starred in the made for television movies WestsideFeynman: The Challenger (as the Narrator), and The Challenger Disaster.  He had a television role on the show The Unexplained Files (as Narrator).  In film, he had co-starring roles in Devil’s Knot, Star Trek Into Darkness (as Admiral Christopher Pike), Lost Luck, and And Now A Word from Our Sponsor.  He provided the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman for both the Young Justice animated television series and for the video game Young Justice: Legacy; he also did the voice of Neptune in the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts.
He also managed to find time to squeeze in a play with Director Joe McCandless called the “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County”
Bruce has two films in post production, Endless Love and WildLike, and one film shot in 2013 for a 2014 release titled The Captive.
I think this Twitter account belongs to Bruce, but he doesn’t appear to be very active and it’s not a verified account   
According to the IMDB, he and his wife Susan Devlin live in the Los Angeles area.