Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What Anton Yelchin Did in 2013

Here's what Anton Yelchin did in 2013.  All mistakes and omissions are mine and the picture is not.

In 2013, Anton co-starred in Star Trek Into Darkness (as Pavel Chekov), starred in Odd Thomas (as Odd Thomas), provided the voice of Chekov for the Star TrekVideo Game, Only Lovers Left Alive (as Ian), provided the voice of Clumsy Smurf inThe Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow (TV movie), the Smurfs video game, and The Smurfs 2 movie.  He also had roles in Rudderless, Broken Horses, Cymbeline and Burying the Ex, all expected to be released in 2014.  He also narrated the film Unity
He is currently filming 5 to 7
Anton also has dozens of interviews online on YouTube.  I do not believe that Anton has his own website, but this fan made one seems to be pretty good    I do not think Anton participates in social media publically.