Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Karl Urban Did in 2013

1n 2013, Karl starred on the TV series Almost Human, having made 8 episodes so far.  He also co-starred in the film Star Trek Into Darkness (as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy) and the film Walking With Dinosaurs. He starred in Riddik (as Vaako), and did the voice of Vaako for Riddick: Blindsided (a short film).   He also did the voice of McCoy for the Star Trek video game.

Karl has two movies made in 2013 that are coming out in 2014 - The Loft and The Wonder.  He also made an appearance on Good Day L.A. and in the Star Trek Into Darkness Special (TV movie documentary).  He has dozens of interviews on YouTube, including this one  He does conventions occasionally, and according to this fantastic website, it looks like Karl is scheduled for five conventions this year! Check it out at  The best fan website dedicated to Karl is

Karl lives with his wife Natalie and their two young sons.  He also serves as a celebrity ambassador for KidsCan, a charity which supports disadvantaged children in New Zealand.  He does not appear to be on any social media sites.

The IMDB link for Karl Urban