Friday, January 10, 2014

What Alice Eve Did in 2013

Read on to discover what Alice Eve - who portrayed Dr. Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness - did in 2013.  As always, mistakes and omissions are mine and the pictures are not.

In 2013, Alice co-starred in the films Cold Comes the Night, Some Velvet Morning, Decoding Annie Parker and in Star Trek Into Darkness as Dr. Carol Marcus.  She as two films in post production, presumably for 2014 releases, titled Dirty Weekend and 1:30 Train
Alice appeared in the Paul McCartney music video “Queenie Eye” (along with Star Trek co-star Chris Pine) – see it here at (and the “Making of Queenie Eye”  here And yes, I’m officially jealous. 
It appears that Alice tried using Twitter, didn’t get much help and quit.  Someone help her out! .  She is on Instagram at  and/or at , though I am not sure how to verify an Instagram account.  She may also have a YouTube channel – but I’m not 100% sure – at .  Her official website is (as far as I can tell).  Sorry about the ambiguity; sometimes these things are obvious and sometimes it’s not.
The IMDB says Alice lives in both Los Angeles and London.