Sunday, December 22, 2013

New 10 Commandments

My New 10 Commandments For Myself

The Ten Commandments
1. Be your true authentic self.
2. Make time for those you love.
3. Treat others people as you’d like them to treat you.
4. If it hurts you, let it go.
5. Change your thoughts - and that will help change your feelings
6. Don’t put it off till another day. If it is important, then do it today.
7. Enjoy the journey – it’s not just about goals.
8. You only have one life – so make it meaningful for you.
9. Be kind to others.
10. Always find a reason to laugh and smile.

In consideration of how I'd like to start off the new year, I will post this on my refrigerator and hope to live up to it as my goal.  

2013 was a pretty decent year, all things considered.  My son and I, we were poor, but had enough.  We were housed and not homeless.  We were successful with weekly counseling and support services.  We had fun, despite having very limited resources.  We still have our cat, though her tumor is growing bigger monthly.  We were able to reconnect with old friends through social media, which previously I was reluctant to use.  We enjoyed spending time with friends and family.  Ian and I read dozens of books, some of them together, when I read to him nightly.  I started my blogs which give me a platform to share my thoughts and dreams and memories, and which allows me to contribute positive energy out into the world, which is of great importance to me.  We both took some risks that paid off emotionally.  I like all three of my jobs very much, and gain a lot of satisfaction from the work - from the kids, their families, my coworkers and supervisors - I enjoy them all.  In small ways, I get to make a difference.  Yeah, all in all, a good year.  Nothing spectacular, nothing mind blowing, but... good.  And "good" is good.  :)  For a change, I'm looking forward to 2014.  Bring it!