Saturday, December 14, 2013

Duplicate Blog on Tumblr

I have decided to do a duplicate "Star Trek Into Relevance" blog over at Tumblr.

I initially chose blogger/blogspot because I like how the websites look, it's a beautiful thing with many great options. I really do like the platform here at blogspot better than at Tumblr, but I'm frustrated with it also.  It will no longer allow me to post pictures, which makes for a rather boring blog, frankly.  EVERY single time I try to post one, it freezes up and I have to start over.  I've tried emailing blogger repeatedly and have gotten no response.  So, I will do both for a while and see how it goes.

In addition, I have so many ADS that I cannot get rid of here, that I cannot see what I'm writing most of the time.  I am hoping I don't forget to use the spell check button before I post, because I KNOW there are typos!

Over at Tumblr, I can add any photo I want, bookend a post with photos and it's FASTER.  You can visit the monthy archive and see everything I've blogged for that month.  Plus, after two days I have two dozen followers, which means more people are reading my stuff. ...which is one of the two reasons I blog - for others and for myself.  While blogger/blogspot LOOKS so much better and more professional, if it won't let me POST what I want then it's pretty useless to me!

You can find me at