Sunday, August 25, 2013

Geek Credentials

A friend asked me which Star Trek actors and/or characters I would consider myself to be a fan of.  It’s really awkward to say that you are a fan of someone when you have met them and worked with them, but not impossible, and I certainly haven’t met all of them yet!  Characters are fair game.  I’d rather keep the focus on the actors rather than characters, but here it is for the record:

I am
An enthusiastic Captain Kirk fan 
(yes, both Shatner and Pine)
A Nimoy and Zach fan
Dax rocks my world – Best.  Alien.  EVER.  And Terry who is Real
You can call me a Peggster any day
Nana, Armin, Rene, Max and Andy – creative geniuses and good people
Sir Patrick
Mischievous Jonathan who laughs
Brent, he of the silver-dollar sized pancakes with syrup on the side
Captain Kate
Robbie with a noble heart
Scott who had preemies and kind words
Sid, a true gentleman
And that ivory angel with a shotgun called … Enterprise

If I did not mention an actor or a character, I probably like them anyway.  However, a few have made me understand why fairy tale parents leave their children in Dark Forests.

And you?