Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chris Pine What Are You Doing?

Chris Pine, our new Captain Kirk in the reboot Star Trek movie franchise, was convicted of driving under the influence in New Zealand on Monday after being arrested on March 1 for having a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.  This story has so many tragedies it is hard to know where to begin.

Most obvious - if you have been drinking, do not get behind the wheel.  Especially when the bar has designated drivers for party goers to take advantage of.  That's tragedy number one.  Tragedy number two - there are eighty cast mates, crew members and friends who should have taken the keys from a friend.  Why didn't you?  Tragedy three - the media circus at the courthouse when Chris Pine arrived for his day in court.  I felt sorry for the guy having to walk the gauntlet to get in and out of court - and it was very kind of him to sign autographs for fans on what was probably one of the worst days of his life.  Tragedy four - while I understand that he probably wants to go back to hiding and recuperating from this nightmare, being an introvert caught in an ugly international media spotlight, he has not personally issued an apology statement. Statements by your representation in court do not count for much.

I covered the story over at my tumblr blog as it broke, following a reporter who was tweeting from inside the court room.  I run a Star Trek blog.  When actors who have worked on Trek screw up or do something spectacularly fantastic, I cover it.  I think I provided an accurate, reasonable and (frankly) favorable account of what happened.  Having worked on two Star Trek shows and for Paramount Pictures for a decade, I view myself as Trek extended family.  Family has each other's backs.  You do what you can to take care of your own.

So I say again - please make an apology statement, and not something written by a PR team.  Drunk driving is such an emotional topic.  No matter how messed up our celebrity-worshiping society is, people are disappointed. I am only summarizing what I hear repeatedly from the fandom.  If any of my readers know him (and I know some of you do) please pass this advice along.  I hope that he takes this last step to mend fences.

I hope this doesn't impact his future work prospects, they way similar incidents have ruined or waylaid the careers of others.  Fortunately, he has actual acting talent to fall back on.  Maybe that character acting career he has said he would prefer is within reach if he is no longer in demand as a leading man.  I personally just hope he has a career when this is behind him.  Paramount has been less than forgiving when their leading men mess up.  Remember Shia?

Good luck, Chris Pine, you're going to need it.